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Domain And Hosting Services

Website hosting is the thing that makes it feasible for others, your clients, friends and companions to view your site over the Internet.

Domain And Hosting Services

Domain And Hosting Services

Any of your online business needs can be managed with your own disk space online. Entire database management will be extremely easy with dedicated web space you will be having in which you can host any number of personal websites, e-commerce solutions, social medias, advertisements, portfolios etc. So, web hosting in one place means you will have your entire data in one place which can be easily downloaded, sent or shared easily.

  • We offer automatic back-ups with different types of timing offers which you can choose from such as every night and weekly.
  • Global India Technologies offer both Windows and Linux web servers from which you can easily choose from in accordance to the scripts your will be using for your website management.
  • We offer different types of cost-effective solutions that will suite both personal and business needs.
  • There is a huge collection of free add-ons and web applications for your websites.
  • We can also design special web applications just for your needs according to likes that will be installed in your website with ease.
  • There won’t be any errors you might face with other cost-effective web hosting services which will draw your traffic down.

Global India Technologies offer best support to all our clients, with perfect track record so far which we cannot break. We maintain special team for timed-backups and special maintenance purposes you might drag your interest. Our special technical team make sure you will not face any errors with your websites any-time with your websites. We provide exceptional supporters who can help you out in setting-up your websites. All you need is a domain and selected hosting with us and your entire website maintenance can be provided by our special teams.

  • We offer 24/7 support to all our hosting consumers with fastest response who can also help you with your first time website set-up.
  • Our offerings available with personal use as well as reseller hosting solutions with different offers to choose from.
  • Virtual Private servers can also be provided for our clients with special cost-effective offers provided for you.
  • Dedicated servers which are capable of holding high speed performance with excellent uptime speeds and wide monthly bandwidth solutions can be specially provided for you for your better business requirements.

We offer different types of payment options for your convenience and security with widely accepted solutions. There will not be any hidden charges that will bring your headaches in future. This will only be one-time payment with the chosen option of your likes.

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