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Responsive website design

A Technology that logically adjusts website layout in a comfortable width of the browser.

Responsive website design

Responsive website design

These days people are mostly using handheld devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. more than computers and laptops due to their convenience in usage. So, based on this, it is very important to modify your business website so that it displays properly in these devices as well. Designing a basic website that displays in a computer is different than a website that displays well in all types of devices is different. Such a website that looks cool and great in your smart phone and your tablet as well is called a responsive website.

A website that doesn't look well in a phone will definitely drag you into losses. So, optimizing website for display units and regular browsers is a must now.

If you want to remake your existing website or make a new responsive website, you can definitely rely on Global India Technologies.

Benefits of Using Responsive Website:

1. Responsive Browsing Solution:

Couple of years back, mobile devices were automatically redirected to mobile versions of the main websites. But things changed with responsive website designs as they can automatically adjust according to the resolutions of various devices. Responsive designs not only improve easiness in management of website, but also make it SEO friendly.

2. Increasing Conversions:

With responsive designs you can easily give your users great experience which ultimately improve conversion.

3. Affordable and Saves Money:

There is no necessity to maintain many versions of single website to drag traffic. Special designs and templates for different resolution devices are not necessary anymore with responsive designs. Hence, it saves a lot of money.

4. Beats The Competitions:

Since this is new type of designs that are being implemented these days, there is always a chance where your competition did not utilize it yet. So, you have the advantage to beat your competition in your hands.

We at Global India Technologies offer unique responsive mobile website designs for our clients according to their requirements. Using latest scripting technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, XML, JQuery etc. with inclusion of our smart proven techniques, we optimize your web presence with appealing look which not only load fast but also stay feature-rich with high number of functions installed.

We offer customized content that can be utilized by any type of device with our technical expertise. Our experience in 3D graphic designing with multi-media highly skilled graphic and web designers design eye-catching and responsive designs.

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